I am based in Baltimore, Maryland, with my wife and 3 dogs. I have a job, but that is not what keeps me happy; travel and photography do. So that is what I do for happiness, which to me, is more important than what one does for work. I shoot film for all my personal work, but do own and shoot with digital. My wife and I travel to the far reaches of the globe, the country and, on the odd occasion, the far reaches of the couch when the remote disappears. 


I shoot a variety of cameras and film stocks, but I mostly shoot with my GF670, GF670W and Fuji Provia. The combination is perfect for me because of its compactness, superb handling, and optics. 

I sell prints and do commission work, such as weddings, portraits, and family photos; just contact me if you're interested. 

You can follow along my travel through my blog here. I also have different areas for films, gear, and general topics