What I've Been Watching

What I've Been Watching

The internt is a vast resource of information for almost antying a person may need, including film photography. I have found the film community to be a prime example of this. I am part of quite a few groups on Facebook, Reddit, Google plus, and Flickr; what I have found throughout the film community is that people are all willing to help others. 

Recently I've found quite a few amazing people on Youtube, either through Facebook Groups, friends, or just searching around. I figured I would share them with you, on the off chance you have not found these folks yet. 


The Nicos Photo Show

Nico's is a Spanish photographer who has a wealth of knowledge and information, and his show ranges from showing you how to load film in various cameras, to overviews of cameras, as well as film news and updates. I really like the last part especially as he gives you a ton of news that major photography sites do not seem to report on. His format is pretty straight forward and he adds some playful and fun additions to his shows. He also runs the Film and Beer meetups that take place around Europe and hopefully the US at some point. 

Ben Horne

Ben Horne is a large format landscape photographer from out west. He shoots 8x10 film on his various trips into the National Parks, such as Zion and Death Valley. He does something that I have not found others to do, which is a video for each day of his trip. Some of the videos are scouting locations, some are setting up, exposing film, his thoughts and so forth. At the end of a trip, he does a film reveal which is him filming the sheets on a light table. What is great is that he shows you each frame and narrates his thoughts on each. I find it to be a very revealing look at what actually goes into photography, especially large format photography. Ben also has a nice website with his work on it, which you can see here

Nick Carver

Nick Carver is a fine art photographer. I found his videos either through searching for 6x17 camera videos or youtube suggestions, I do not remember. He has not uploaded in a while, but what he already has up is really good stuff. What I like about his videos is that he not only shows you his photography workflow in the field, similar to Ben Horne, but also goes through the process of printing out large prints, mounting, and framing. His videos are really quality stuff. His website can be found here.

Eric has a talking head style channel, where he speaks directly to the camera. His videos are also very well done. Lately, he has been going through different film emulsions. He will edit in photos he has taken with the emulsions, which is a good visual instead of just hearing about the attributes of a film. He also does camera reviews as well as general photography talk. I think his channel is really well done, but I would not be upset to see more hands on type shooting like the other channels have. He does not have a web page, though. 

Matt Day

Matt Day is someone I ran across on instagram a few years back, he had a GF670 when I got mine, so I ran across his photos. Since then he has really grown his following in the photography world. He is an extremely skilled shooter from Ohio. His channel covers a raft of topics from camera reviews to film types to using flash to editing workflow. At times I think he can be a bit loquacious but that is just my taste. He also does a podcast, though I have not listened as I am not really into podcasts. I've also found Matt to be extremely approachable if you ever have a question for him. His website is here

The Art Of Photography

The Art of Photography is a content machine. It is run by Ted Forbes. His videos are some of the highest quality with a really good amount of information. What I really like about his channel is the photo challenges he has out there. He does cover a swath of topics, not just film. To be honest, film is not even a huge amount of what he covers, but when it is in there, he does have a good set of information. I do not think that he has a website, or at least not one I could find.gativeNE

Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback is a UK based youtube channel that covers a lot of film topics including film types, challenges, and camera reviews. I just recently found this channel and do not have a good grasp of everything he covers, but what I have found so far has been really good. He also has a website here

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