Doing Slide Film, Part 2

Doing Slide Film, Part 2

Yesterday, as I was mixing chemicals, I decided to show you how to mix a slide kit. The kit I used was an Arista E6 kit. Today, I am going to show you how to put that kit to good use.

To start off with, you will need the following;

  • E6 kit, mixed up real proper
  • Running water 
  • Water bath or way to keep your chemicals warm
  • Your film
  • Development tank and reels
  • Timer
  • Thermometer

In short, the same things you will need for C41 or Black and white.

This kit calls for the temperature to be at 105 degrees, so I set the 3 chemicals (First Developer, Color Developer, and blix)  in my water bath, set to this temperature. Some people will use a cooler or something similar. I used to just use the sink.

The first step is to fill the tank with warm water, and agitate for about a minute. This removes the anti-halation layer. This is one of my favorite parts, as it turns the water a different color each time. Exciting.

After you have poured out the water, it is on to the first developer. This is the most critical chemical when it comes to temperatures. I have developed within a few degrees up or down with little to no problems, though it is not suggested. This is the only chemical that varies in times. The first time you use it, it is used for 6:30, agitated for 5 seconds every 30. After each use, you add 4% to the development time. Next use would be 6:45. It is pretty simple, I have made a table with all the development times. I usually get about 24 rolls out of a kit.

After your first developer, you will then wash, fill the tank and empty it five to seven times.

Next, it is onto the color developer. This is a straight 4:30, every single time. Again, you are to agitate every 30 seconds for 5 seconds.

Again, you will be washing the film by filling and emptying the tank five to seven times.

Last, is the blix. This is a 10 minute process, though, with continual use, gets more diluted with water, so I leave it for about 12 or so after about eight rolls. I do not agitate quite as vigorously, opting to use the stirring stick (or whatever they call it)

After blix, you wash for 5 minutes or so under running water. Then empty the tank. I then use photo-flo, simply because it helps with drying.

 I take the rolls out, wipe them off with my fingers, and hang them up for a few hours. BOOM, E6.

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Bronica S2A

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