Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs

My girlfriend and I have 3 dogs, all three are rescues, all three are amazing. I cannot advocate adopting enough.  With as many dogs live in shelters in each and every major city and many in smaller cities, anyone can find their best friend at one of them.

I'm sure you're thinking that shelters are only full of dogs like pit bulls (more on that), they do have all sorts of dogs, use the internet as a tool to locate them, most shelters are online and have the dogs looking for homes online. We have been part of transports for dogs going to homes across the country. If you find a dog you want, do not wait, go get it, have someone get it for you. The sad truth is that lots of shelters dogs are put down each day.

Also, get a pit bull, just do it, you'll never regret it.

Enough of that, now the dogs. Our dogs, foster dogs, rescued dogs, all the dogs.

This is Maggie. Maggie was used as a breeder dog, a friend got her from someone who as using her to breed and did not want her anymore. My friend took her because she did not want Maggie put down. As soon as I saw her, I told my friend I was taking her. Best decision of my life. She has made everyday I've had her better. She is a pit bull, she is gentle, kind, lazy, a great snuggler, and our dog Sweetie's best friend. She is the protector of the house and the warmer of the sofa. 

That is Metro. He was also used as a breeder dog, for 7 years he was crated, and brought out only to impregnate other chihuahuas. We got him from a shelter in Annapolis where he was dropped off with 6 other dogs used for the same purpose. He was dropped off when one of the owners died and his wife did not want the dogs anymore. He is a little jittery, likes our other dogs, and is super cute. 

This is Sweetie, my girlfriend got her at the SPCA in Baltimore. We do not really know her story, though we do know she is a good cuddler, loves our other dogs, and loves digging in our trash. She also loves rolling around on the ground, running, and I really mean running, and having an exciting little personality. She has very expressive ears. 

We have fostered various dogs over the years, some for a few weeks, some for longer, some for less. 

This is Dora, she was our first foster. She was a transport from somewhere down south to somewhere up north, or the opposite. She was a younger pit bull who was energetic, loved licking, and almost did not bark.

This is five dogs (one not pictured) we had for one night in the middle of a transport. They were a lot of work, thankfully they all had homes to go to. They even got to fly on a private jet for part of their transport. 

This is Bella, she was a younger dog that we got from someone in New York. she was friendly to my girlfriend and myself, though not to other folks. She was a lovely dog to have for the time we had her, but went on to another foster.

This is Ramses (and Maggie). He was found on I-95, he was emaciated and abandoned. He loved cuddling, and would crawl right up on you and fall over. He, like most pit bulls loved licking. Now he is living the dream with some other dogs in a permanent home, and has put on weight. 

This is Alley. I found her in an Alley on my way to work one day. She walked right up to me and followed me to my car. She was clearly used as a breeding dog. She was emaciated, and while I looked all over for her owner, had to determine that she was just abandoned after someone got what they needed from her. My boss' son took her, she has gotten all her shots, is getting fixed, and gets to play with her cousin dog and lay around the house. I really wanted to keep her, but four was too many. 

Remember, there are great dogs everywhere looking for homes, do not support puppy mills or breeders. 

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